China Signs 25 Year Deal With Iran challenge Biden


A 25 year agreement has been signed between Dragon Nation China and Iran. He imposed sanctions on Iran following former President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of a nuclear deal. He also warned of sanctions against other countries that trade with Iran.

The US move has plunged Iran into a deep financial.


After that come occasional troubles for the United States and Iran. At the same time , trade relations between China and the United States may not be as smooth. The trade relationship came from the worst case scenario , with the United States taxing China and China taxing the United States.

Currently , China and Iran have signed a 25-year agreement. Experts believe that this could lead to China becoming Iran's main trading partner.

This is because the agreement , signed by the two countries in particular , is based on a larger objective of politics , trade and economy.

In particular , the Chinese Government may increase oil imports from Iran through this agreement. The agreement will further enhance Iran-China relations. 

The agreement was first proposed during Chinese President Xi Jinping visit to Tehran in January 2016. It also agreed to place Mutual investments in the ports , transport , energy , industry and services.

While relations between the United States and China are already deteriorating , it is expected that the China's move could further worsen US - China relations. It is that Iran has already secretly sent oil to China 

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