Tesla Car Price May Reduce In India Policy Support !!!

Tesla , the electric car maker that revolutionized the international automobile industry , has arrived in India after years of waiting. At the same time , to meet demand for newly developed electric cars and to meet the competition from Tesla , all the car companies doing business in India have entered the Electric Car Industry.

It is demanded that new policy changes and restructuring in India be introduced in the Budget Report to be tabled in Parliament on February 1 to improve the production of electric vehicles in India and to simplify the trading platform.


Toyota Griloscar Motor Co. India's leading Automaker , has demanded that the budget report for the Fiscal 2021 - 22 simplify the trading system to improve trade in the automobile industry , announce a scrappage policy to remove old cars from circulation , and reduce tariffs on auto parts imported from abroad has released.


Toyoto Griloscar has also requested the Federal Ministry of Finance to come up with a new policy to manufacture electric and Hybrid cars in India and to facilitate it's trade.


The Federal Government has long been consulting on the Scrappage Policy to Prevent the use of old cars in India , all the Leading Automobile Companies want this policy to be approved soon to reduce environmental pollution in India , reduce fuel consumption and improve the production and trade of new vehicles.


The production and sale of electric vehicles and the reduction of customs duty on Automobile Imports will not only reduce the price of the Tesla Car in India but also increase the chances of starting a factory...

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