United States Decided to Tax in India !!

It has been reported that the US government is planning to impose a tax on India as the Indian government imposes a tax on the income earned by foreign Internet Companies through trade and service in India.

The US government is currently planning to impose a tax on India , as US-INDIA friendship is expected to improve significantly after Joe Biden's victory in the United States. Is the only problem for the US with India in this digital taxation ? 

Not only India but many other countries have similarly levied digital service tax on income earned through trade and service made by foreign Internet Companies. The US government is expected to take a decision on Austria , Italy and India in the next few days.

All the three countries Austia , Italy and India have this year imposed a digital service tax on the business revenue of several Internet Companies such as Facebook and Google. Due to this , the US government has to decide on the taxation of these 3 days in the First place. Indonesia , Britain and Turkey are imposing similar taxes.

Thes US government launched an investigation in June , about 10 days later. Under section 301 of the U.S. Trade Act 1974 , the law reserves the right to retailate against countries that engage in misconduct. It was with his legislation that the US government , led by Donald Trump , charged China with plagiarism. The US government is currently consulting with Austria , Italy , India , Brazil , the Czech Republic , Indonesia , Britain , Spain and the Czech Republic have been levying digital service taxes on US Internet companies since January.

It is noteworthy that the US imposed a $ 2.4 billion tax on wine , cheese and other imports from France through the last digital service tax imposed by France. In response the United States postponed the new tax until the end of 2020.

Similarly , since this digital service tax applies to all countries , the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is consulting with all countries to make efforts to declare a single tax world wide....

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