Gland Pharma at 21% Growth.. Good Profit for Investors !!!

Gland Pharma , a Chinese company that has been Operating with excessive investment , has given a good return to investors in the Mumbai Stock Exchange despite a number of turbulent circumstances. Shares of Gland Pharma raise about 21 percent at the close of trading on Friday. Shares of Gland Pharma traded up 13 percent at a premium price of Rs.1,500 on the stock exchange , up 21 percent.

Shares of Gland Pharma , which was listed at Rs.1,701 in Friday Trade , ended at Rs.1820.45. Similarly , Gland Pharma shares raises as much as Rs.1,850 in Friday's trade. Similarly , Gland Pharma is listed at Rs.1,710 on the National Stock Exchange and has touched a high of Rs.1,850. Shares of Gland Pharma closed at Rs.1,828 at the close of trading of Friday.

Gland Pharma traded up 21 percent on the Mumbai Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange on Friday. Thus the expectation of investors on Monday trading is very high. Gland Pharma manufactures and sells many drugs in India. The main reason for the company's massive expansion is the accumulated Chinese investment in the Company.

Fosun Singapore and Shanghai Fosun Pharma have acquired a majority stake in the company. Gland Pharma has now raised about Rs.1,250 crore by selling about 3,48,63,635 shares in the retail market in the IPO market.

In addition , Gland Pharma has raised a total of Rs.1,944 crore through the sales of Shares in the Government of Singapore to Nomura , Coleman Sachs , Morgan Stanley , SBI Mutual Funds , Axis Mutual Funds , SBI Life Insurance and Fitness...

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